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Tools, Strategies, and Information to make HR Management easier. 

 With useful advice and techniques on hundreds of topics, ready to be downloaded, you'll be able to find the solution to all your Human Resource problems and concerns.  

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Finding The Best Employees
Employees are the KEY to your Company success.  

  • Services and Professional Advice on:
    Professional Recruiting
    Best Hiring Practices
    Retaining Good Employees
    Avoiding Turnover and High Turnover Costs
    Sample Interview Questions
    Quizzes and Surveys For Job Applicants.
    Interviewing Steps

Effective Management Techniques
    Tips for managing more effectively and successfully.

  • Services and Professional Advice on:
    Communication Style 
    Importance of Honest, Supportive, and Educative Managers
    Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Problems
    Measuring Work Performance
    Effective Feedback
    Timely and Organized Performance Appraisals
    Time Management, Planning Work and Setting Expectations
    Company Vision

Employee Satisfaction
Keep employees happy, reduce turnover costs, and increase business success      
     and growth.

  • Services and Professional Advice on:
    Flexibility of Work Hours and/or Arrangements
    New-Hire Orientation Programs
    Efficient Appraisal System
    Team Work
    Company Culture
    Employee Morale and Motivation

Employment Laws
     Avoid workplace law suits by becoming aware of employment laws and 

  • Services and Professional Advice on:
    Avoid Law Suits With Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Exit Interviews, etc.)
    Workplace Safety
    Workers Compensation
    Drug Free Work Environment
    Employment Laws and Regulations
    Complying with Legal and Safety Matters in the Workplace

Job Safety
     Avoid costly law suits and workers compensation by maintaining a risk-free, safe
     work environment.

  • Services and Professional Advice On:
    OSHA: Employee Workplace Rights
    Planning for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations
    Indoor Air Quality
    Employer Rights and Responsibilities
    Occupational Hazards in Health Related Fields
    Hazards of Confined Space
    Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace
    Training of Employees

     It is essential to have and maintain a training program for all employees and 

  • Service and Professional Advice on: 
    General Benefits
    Training Methods

    Team Work
    Diversity & Ethics
    Sexual Harassment
    Human Relations

Performance Management and Feedback
     Performance management and feedback are the most cost-effective methods to     
     increase employee performance and motivation.

  • Services and Professional Advice on:
    Training for Supervisor and Managers
    How to Provide Feedback to Employees
    Performance Measurement
    Various Components That Affect Performance Feedbacks
    Feedback from Employees to a Neutral Third Party

Work Groups
     Creating and maintaining effective teams will increase you business success and

  • Services and Professional Advice on:
    Work Groups and Creating High Performance Organizations
    Developing Effective Work Groups
    Challenges Facing Work Groups
    What it Takes to Succeed
    Implementing and Helping Self Directed Work Teams
    Types of Teams Your Organization Needs
    Improving and Increasing Employee Involvement, Decision-Making, and           Responsibility.


HR Forms

Various forms you can use to run your workplace efficiently and effectively.  Avoid law suits by having the appropriate forms and checklists.  Create an atmosphere where everyone understands their roles and functions within the company. 
Visit the HR Help Center

  • Over 200 Job Descriptions
  • Employee Handbook
  • Evaluation Form
  • Employee Application
  • Attendance Sheet
  • New Hire/Re-Hire Form
  • Exit Interview Form
  • Employee Termination Exit Checklist
  • Exit Interview Form
  • Employee Warning Notice
  • New Employee Orientation Checklist
  • Termination Notice Sheet
  • Employee Acknowledgement Form
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Management Orientation Duties Checklist
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employee Tests and Evaluation Methods



Our Mission

Organizations are facing many problems and challenges in our present day society.  Workplace problems are issues that take much time and skill to improve and manage.  One small problem within an organization can cause larger problems and worries, which may even lead to loss in profit.  HR Support Center provides guidance and expert advice on how to handle or improve many of the workplace problems your company may be facing.  We can also provide you with helpful insight on how to avoid all types of organizational problems you may face in the future. 

Every successful company has an intelligent, hard-working person behind it.  We want to inform you, teach you, and guide you to become a successful, knowledgeable manager.  As we provide you with solutions to  your company problems, we will show you and inform you on how to avoid or handle such problems in the future.  Our mission is to make your job easier, and show you how you can easily improve your workplace and profitability by becoming a competent, effective manager.



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